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Welcome to CTS

Cancel That S#it (CTS) Mountain Biking Club out of Midland Ontario Canada.

CTS started in 2006 with a group of 6 riders that loved to mountain bike so much they would cancel anything to ride. CTS is a casual club of Mountainbike enthusiasts. CTS welcomes and encourages all recreational mountain bikers to be involved and participate in the protection of local trails and is partnered with SCMBC to ensure the longevity of local trail networks. All are welcome to join. We would love to have you out!

CTS Bike Crew Midland Ontario 2010



The CTS mountain bike club does not warrant that the trails we ride are safe. We make no indication as to whether or not the lands that these trails occupy are private or public, and the CTS bike club bears no responsibility in this regard. Please note that mountain biking is inherently dangerous and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you may encounter unexpected traffic, poor weather, low or no trail maintenance or difficult terrain. Please use common sense and caution when riding. The CTS bike club bears no responsibility in the event of injury or death. Therefor, by riding with the CTS bike club "I Agree to this Disclaimer."